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City Falkensee
Der Bürgermeister
Falkenhagener Str. 43/49
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City Falkensee
Der Bürgermeister
Dr. Harald Sempf
Falkenhagener Str. 43/49
14612 Falkensee
Tel. (03322) 281-134
E-Mail: hauptdezernat@falkensee.de






Data Protection


Each time you access the Internet and retrieve a file, data about that process is stored and processed in a log file.


Specifically, the following data is stored about each access / retrieval:

Date / time


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The data are processed and evaluated exclusively for statistical purposes. The guided access statistics do not allow conclusions to be drawn on personal data.


When accessing individual pages, so-called temporary cookies are used to facilitate navigation. These session cookies contain no personal data and expire after the session has expired. Java applets and Active X controls are not used.


If you contact us via the contact form, the personal data you provide will be used solely to process your request or request. The personal data will not be included in our electronic database. A passing on to third does not take place. Please note that the transmission of data via the contact form is unencrypted - we can not therefore rule out that the data can be read or changed by third parties during the electronic transmission to us. For confidential messages, please use the regular postal service.


Important notes about emails


This communication channel (email) is available exclusively for administrative matters. It should be noted that this communication can not be used to legally file procedural applications or pleadings. If your message contains a corresponding brief, a repetition of the transmission by fax or by post is absolutely necessary.


Since it is currently not possible for administrative reasons, all processes that are received by email, to answer electronically, the users of the email access are asked to indicate next to the email address and their mailing address.